June 23, 2007

Dick Cheney, YOUR FIRED!

Cheney has been instrumental in eroding privacy rights for all Americans -- except himself.

Dick Cheney's refusal to comply with a presidential order regulating the handling of classified information might be scary were it not so ludicrous.

Cheney's rejection of mandatory inspections required of all federal offices to make sure they are properly protecting top secret documents defies basic standards of good government and common sense. And his argument that he needn't comply because his office isn't part of the executive branch is specious. Moreover, after clashing with the National Archives' Information Security Oversight Office, which conducts the routine inspections, Cheney's vindictive staff reportedly tried to abolish the unit. That's like trying to disband the Internal Revenue Service for demanding a tax audit. Has the veep taken leave of his senses?


My Response:
Cheney, who do think you are? You don’t work for big oil, (or do you) you work for me, YOUR FIRED!

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